By The People routinely prepares a variety of deeds including: Quitclaim Deed, Warranty Deed, and Life Estate Deed - all for the low price of $79 (that includes the Notary)

Quitclaim Deed is often used when someone wants to give up interests in a property.  For example, Mary inherits a property with her brother and sells her share to her brother.

Warranty Deed is used when the grantor wants to guarantee something about the real estate (e.g., it is free from encumbrances, such as mortgages, liens, taxes, etc.)

Life Estate Deed is a special type of deed that allows the owner of real estate to transfer the real estate to one person (called the life tenant) for the duration of that person's life, and then the property goes to another person (after the death of the life tenant).   When considering a Life Estate Deed it is important to understand that it is irrevocable once it has been executed.

Divorce $349/399
Incorporation $199
LLC $199
Living Trust $429/449
Wills $99
Evictions $149
Power of Atty. $79/129
Deeds $79
Small Claims $99
Immigration Call
Bankruptcy $150
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